Vehicle Controller

The TeslaRR Vehicle Control Module (VCM) is a custom designed processor module that fits in place of the original 'Driver Information Panel'. It provides visual notifications to the driver on its integrated LCD display, but also accepts user input over a secure wifi connection from a registered Smartphone.

As well as providing a user interface to the new EV functions, the VCM also manages multiple interfacing tasks that link the Rolls Royce vehicle electronics to the EV subsystems, including:

  • Gear selector monitoring (Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive)

  • Instrument interfacing

- fuel gauge

- speedometer

- odometer

- voltmeter

- ammeter

- temperature gauge

- rev counter

  • Cruise control interfacing

  • Parking Brake control

  • Brake pedal monitoring

  • Brake pressure monitoring

  • HVAC control interfacing

  • CANbus interface

  • LINbus interface

  • BMS monitoring

  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring

  • Ignition key monitoring (Arm/Disarm/Authenticate )

  • Charge port monitoring

  • Charge port door release

  • Door monitoring and locking

  • Charge rate selection

  • Regen selection

  • Creep on/off

  • Cabin illumination (LINbus)

  • OTA updates

User accounts

Multiple user accounts may be setup, allowing vehicle preferences to be personalised. When a user is added from the login screen, account login information is displayed as a QR code on the VCM display. The login screen can be accessed using the wifi access credentials and URL also displayed as a QR code. For security reasons, QR codes are displayed for a limited time after the ignition is turned on with the Master Key, but not the valet key.

DashCam ready

The TeslaRRVCM app is wide screen enabled, so it works with Android rear view mirror dashcams to provide a discreet telematics upgrade, with features such as GPS Navigation, 4G wifi hotspot, reversing cam, Bluetooth handsfree phone, dashcam, lane departure warning and more.

Audio output is via an integrated FM transmitter so original radios can be retained.


The VCM provides an ELM327/OBD2 compatible interface over wifi, which allows access to vehicle diagnostic data using off-the-shelf apps on any platform.

A GVRET compatible interface is also available over wifi for monitoring CANbus traffic, for example using SavvyCAN.